Table 5

Patient satisfaction

n TotalSpoken information (%)Opportunity to tell complaints (%)Time periods (%)Problem sorted out (%)
Before implementation group356
 Fairly satisfied22.
 Not satisfied1.41.716.33.4
After implementation group286
 Fairly satisfied37.623.646.924.4
 Not satisfied0.71.816.54.4
After implementation group
Not triaged188
  Fairly satisfied34.722.246.025.2
  Not satisfied1.
  Fairly satisfied43.226.148.422.6
  Not satisfied01.115.83.2
Urgency levels
  Fairly satisfied42.926.848.223.2
  Not satisfied0016.13.6
  Fairly satisfied51.730.858.618.5
  Not satisfied0020.73.7
  • Due to the low numbers in the other urgency levels, numbers are not presented.

  • *Significance level p <0.05.