Table 1

Type of medication events

n (%)
Category or subcategory
Allergy44 (7)
 Failure to heed noted allergy21
 Unknown allergy19
Delayed or missed dose94 (16)
Adverse reaction17 (3)
 Altered vital signs4
 Altered behaviour or mental status2
 Other/unknown adverse reaction11
Wrong dose235 (39)
 Calculation error51
 10-fold error12
 Maximum dose exceeded10
 Failure to divide total daily dose6
 Other calculation error23
 Wrong weight47
 Wrong weight (pounds vs kilograms)28
 Wrong weight (other)19
 Duplicate dose50
Wrong medication104 (17)
 Look-alike, sound-alike37
 Intravenous solutions18
 Automatic medication dispensing machine drawer error9
 Other/unknown wrong medication40
Wrong patient34 (6)
Wrong route6 (1)
Other63 (11)