Table 1

Patient participants’ characteristics

Patient characteristicParticipants (n=31)
Mean age of patient participants66 years (range 45–83)
Mean length of stay in hospital during stroke admission22 days (range 1–89)
Mean time between discharge and interview171 days (range 14–349)
Point of admission to stroke pathway (as reported by patient)Emergency department=17
Emergency admissions unit=4
Stroke unit=7
Hospitals outside the UK=2
Recovery outcome measure: do you feel that you have made a complete recovery from your stroke?Yes=7 (22.6%)
No=24 (77.4%)
Dependency outcome measure: in the last 2 weeks did you require help from another person for everyday activities?Yes=11 (35.5%)
No=20 (64.5%)
Communication impairment as reported by patientYes (remaining)=5 (16.1%)
Yes (resolved)=10 (32.3%)
No=16 (51.6%)