Table 1

Factors associated with repeated deliberate self-harm within 6 months after the index episode and area under the curve to identify the predictive ability

Individuals*RepetitionUnadjusted 6 monthsArea under the curve
Number%OR95% CIp ValueArea95% CIp Value
Sociodemographic factors
  Female99021.81.31.0 to to 0.570.092
 Age at index
  18–2435822.61.10.7 to 1.60.490.5020.46 to 0.540.934
  25–3433917.40.80.5 to 1.2
  35–4430319.10.90.6 to 1.3
  45–5424521.21.00.7 to 1.5
 Marital status
  Divorced30916.51.00.6 to 1.50.390.5420.51 to 0.580.022
  Widowed7225.01.70.9 to 3.1
  Single87122.41.41.0 to 2.1
 Housing status
  Living with family37014.91.0
  Single with children28120.31.51.0 to to 0.580.023
  Living alone85321.71.61.1 to 2.2
 Parent with young children
  No137621.11.91.2 to 3.2 0.010.5240.49 to 0.560.185
  Yes12512.80.60.3 to to 0.550.303
 Disability pension
  Yes37225.51.51.1 to 2.0<0.010.5400.50 to 0.580.031
 Education level
  <9 years46822.01.10.8 to to 0.560.379
  11–12 years65218.70.90.6 to 1.3
  >12 years27119.91.0
Treatment and previous self-harm
 Current psychiatric treatment
  Yes, open care65523.41.51.2 to 2.0<0.010.5710.54 to 0.61<0.01
  Yes, admitted3650.05.02.6 to 9.9
 Previous psychiatric treatment
  Yes, <1 year16428.71.71.2 to to 0.560.211
  Yes, >1 year17423.01.30.9 to 1.9
  Yes, no time point20218.81.00.7 to 1.5
 Previous self-harm
  Yes38228.31.81.4 to 2.4<0.010.5620.52 to 0.60<0.01
 Previous abuse
  Yes5925.41.40.7 to to 0.540.738
 Antidepressant treatment
  Yes68025.71.81.4 to 2.4<0.010.5750.54 to 0.61<0.01
Index episode, method of self-harm
 Self-injury (cutting)
  Yes18025.01.40.9 to to 0.550.348
  Yes130919.60.70.5 to to 0.560.299
  Yes58921.91.20.9 to to 0.560.291
  Yes20424.01.30.9 to to 0.550.399
  Yes20518.50.90.6 to to 0.540.694
  Yes21820.21.00.7 to to 0.540.982
  Yes8426.21.40.9 to to 0.550.584
 Other method of self-harm
  Yes6325.41.40.8 to to 0.540.722
 Self-injury, operated
  Yes2157.15.42.3 to 13<0.010.5160.48 to 0.550.393
Precipitants of index episode and circumstances of index episode
 Precipitant event
  Relations43313.90.50.4 to 0.8<0.010.5160.48 to 0.550.390
  Legal8815.90.60.4 to 1.2
  Phys/psyc.20225.71.20.8 to 1.7
  Miscarriage6822.11.00.5 to 1.7
  Abuse1030.01.40.4 to 5.7
 Alcohol use in self-harm
  Yes62620.61.00.8 to to 0.540.819
 Avoided discovery
  Yes10317.50.80.5 to to 0.540.750
 Planned self-harm
  Yes22724.71.41.0 to to 0.560.271
 Suicide intention
  Yes68321.41.10.9 to to 0.550.407
 Suicide note
  Yes11619.81.00.6 to to 0.540.954
 Compulsory admission
  Yes15923.91.30.9 to to 0.550.525
  • *Total number of patients does not always add up to 1524 for all factors owing to partly missing data. Phys/psyc; physical/psyciatric.