Table A6

Type of thromboprophylaxis

Author, date and countryPatient groupStudy type (level of evidence)OutcomesKey resultsStudy weaknesses
Gehling et al, January 1998, Germany287 patients presenting with lower extremity injuries, who required immobilising bandages or castsRandomised controlled trial in which thromboprophylaxis was administered in the form of a subcutaneous injection of divarin 1750 once daily in 143 patients and with Aspirin 2×500 mg orally in 144 patients. A clinical examination and colour-coded duplex sonography were performed after removal of the cast for detection of lower extremity venous thrombosis. A phlebography was performed for confirmation when thrombosis was suspectedIncidence of DVT in group receiving prophylactic LMWH9/143 (6.3%)Heterogenous cohort consisting of inpatients, outpatients and surgical patients. No distinction between symptomatic/asymptomatic disease
Incidence of DVT in group receiving prophylactic Aspirin7/144 (4.8%)
  • DVT, deep vein thrombosis; LMWH, low molecular weight heparin.