Table 4

Looking forward from early choice to later destinations: percentages of doctors who originally expressed a career preference for emergency medicine (EM) and who went on to work in EM*

Specialty destination: year 10 (1993, 1996) and year 7 (1999, 2000)
Career choices%nN
Year 1
 EM 1st24.172299
 EM 2nd or 3rd10.045449
 All choices for other specialties2.51947657
Year 3
 EM 1st46.2174377
 EM 2nd or 3rd8.335424
 All choices for other specialties1.2907676
Year 5
 EM 1st68.8209304
 EM 2nd or 3rd11.519165
 All choices for other specialties0.7538061
  • *At 7 (1999 and 2000 cohorts) and 10 (1993 and 1996 cohorts) years after graduation.