TableĀ 3

Percentages of doctors who specified each factor as influencing their choice of long-term career a great deal by first career choice: graduates of 1993, 1996, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2005, 2008 and 2009

FactorYear 1Year 3Year 5
Domestic circumstances18.318.650.1*19.820.958.4**
Hours/working conditions31.133.678.1*35.537.184.2*36.541.387.5*
Eventual financial prospects5.112.2*15.8*3.410.8*20.6*5.29.2*17.7*
Promotion/career prospects16.624.0*16.519.820.318.319.924.521.7
Self-appraisal of own skills49.450.048.759.953.1*51.9*68.058.6*53.2*
Advice from others12.116.7*15.611.817.6*16.59.914.7*11.6
Student experience of subject43.548.039.019.630.1*23.717.326.2*22.0*
Particular teacher/department26.731.311.8*34.630.49.0*23.328.56.7*
Inclinations before medical school11.913.917.1*7.812.8*16.1*8.110.813.4*
Experience of jobs so far53.553.146.4*79.267.2*49.1*77.469.8*52.0*
  • The numbers for this table are provided in online supplementary appendix II. Excludes 2008 cohort at year 5 and 2009 cohort at years 3 and 5 (surveys not yet undertaken).

  • *p<0.01 compared with EM.

  • EM, emergency medicine; GP, general practice; OHS, other hospital specialties.