Japan Coma Scale for grading of impaired consciousness19

GradeConsciousness level
1-digit codeThe patient is awake without any stimuli, and is:
1Almost fully conscious
2Unable to recognise time, place and person
3Unable to recall name or date of birth
2-digit codeThe patient can be aroused (then reverts to previous state after cessation of stimulation):
10Easily by being spoken to (or is responsive with purposeful movements, phrases, or words)*
20With loud voice or shaking of shoulders (or is almost always responsive to very simple words like yes or no, or to movements)*
30Only by repeated mechanical stimuli
3-digit codeThe patient cannot be aroused with any forceful mechanical stimuli, and:
100Responds with movements to avoid the stimulus
200Responds with slight movements including decerebrate and decorticate posture
300Does not respond at all except for change of respiratory rhythm
  • ‘R’ and ‘I’ are added to the grade to indicate restlessness and incontinence of urine and faeces, respectively: for example; 100-R and 30-RI.

  • *Criteria in parentheses are used in patients who cannot open their eyes for any reason.