Table 3

Final prediction model after stepwise selection

β coefficientORSE95% CIp ValueRisk score
Age≤65 years0.551.730.211.15 to 2.590.011
GCS 14– to 5.44<0.0012
Normal vital signs0.621.860.201.25 to 2.760.0021
No operation performed0.812.240.171.62 to 3.15<0.0011.5
ISS≤82.047.750.225.02 to 11.90<0.0014
Mental health−0.810.450.200.30 to 0.65<0.001−1.5
Penetrating0.591.800.251.10 to 2.940.021
Pedestrian−0.490.620.240.38 to 0.990.045−1
Falls−0.660.520.190.36 to 0.75<0.001−1
Chest−0.870.420.210.28 to 0.64<0.001−2
Spine/vertebral column−0.800.450.250.28 to 0.730.001−1.5
Lower limb− to 0.40<0.001−2
  • Intercept β coefficient −1.828; Hosmer-Lemeshow test statistic p=0.48; OR—adjusted OR; GCS, Glasgow Coma Score; Normal vital signs, all of the following parameters met: systolic blood pressure 90–180 mm Hg, pulse 50–110 beats per minute and respiratory rate 10–24 breaths per minute