Table 3

Analysis of visual analogue scale (VAS) pain intensity score (intention-to-treat population): adjusted change from baseline

Methoxyflurane (N=149)Placebo (N=149)Estimated treatment effect (95% CI)p Value
Adjusted* change from baseline (mm)
 Overall−30.2−15.2−15.1 (−19.2 to −11.0)<0.0001
 5 min−23.1−11.3−11.8 (−15.6 to −8.0)
 10 min−28.9−14.8−14.1 (−18.4 to −9.8)
 15 min−34.0−15.5−18.5 (−23.4 to −13.5)
 20 min−35.0−19.0−16 (−21.3 to −10.7)
 Time by treatment interaction0.0019
  • Pain scores recorded after the start of the planned emergency department procedure were excluded from the analysis. Pain scores taken after initiation of rescue medication were included in the analysis.

  • *Least squares mean has been adjusted for baseline pain score and age group (adolescent/adult).

  • N, number of patients.