Table 4

Main reasons and expectations among urgent care centre attenders by GP registration

Registered with GPNot registered with GPTotal
Reasons for attending (57.6% gave ≥2 responses) (%) 
 Quicker than a GP appointment321828
 Nearest place to home or work212723
 Best place for my particular problem11810
 Recommended by friend, family or colleague81410
 Thought there would be a shorter wait868
 More confidence in advice than given by own GP837
 Did not think about going anywhere else496
 Unregistered in London283
 Wanted a second opinion312
Expectations of visit (39.5% gave ≥2 responses) (%)  
 Prescription medication415645
 See hospital specialist211720
 Be given advice only181618
 Blood test635
  • GP, general practitioner.