Table 3

Characteristics of the analysis reports and of the corrective actions

Analysis reportsN=12%
S6: Written reports1083.3
Oral reports216.7
S1: Description of the data collection method1083.3
 Individual interviews10100.0
 Collective debriefing10100.0
 Area visits440.0
S2: Description of the chronology of facts975.0
S2: Description of existing recommendations325.0
S2: Error identification758.3
S3 and S4: Identification of contributing or latent factors1191.7
 Organisation and procedures11100.0
 Working environment763.6
 Technical processes654.5
Corrective actions
S5: Proposed actionsN=23
 Staff training626.1
 Writing procedures834.8
 Organisational changes521.7
 Increasing resource materials417.4
Decided actionsN=14
 With a professional in charge857.1
  From the ED787.5
  From another department112.5
 With a defined deadline642.9
  • ED, emergency department.