Table 3

Health behaviours and perceptions of participants attending the urgent care centre by GP registration

Registered with GPNot registered with GPTotal
Advice sought (55% gave ≥2 responses) (%) 
 Family member, partner, friend or colleague434543
 NHS direct666
 GP surgery726
 Allied health professional212
 Walk-in centre10.41
Health-seeking behaviours (30% gave ≥2 responses) (%)
 Over-the-counter medicine384239
 Bed rest283530
 Prescription medicine968
 Exercises/massage/ice or heat pack20.41
 Nutritional changes10.40.5
Time problem started (%)
 1–2 days ago353335
 3–7 days ago273730
 More than 7 days ago242224
Perceived seriousness of problem (%)
 Likert scale score ≥7502844
Worried about problem (%)
 Likert scale score ≥7614556
  • GP, general practitioner.