TableĀ 1

Data obtained from information sources

Data sourceData provided/collected
EDISPatient age; gestation; ATS category; reason for presentation; date and time of arrival; day of week; triage allocation area (acute/non-acute); date and time seen by doctor or clinician; clinician type (doctor/nurse practitioner); total ED length of stay; obstetrics and gynaecology registrar involvement; discharge diagnosis (ICD-10 code); discharge destination from ED (admitted/discharged); re-presentation to ED
Healthcare recordsObservations performed at triage (Y/N); pain score recorded (Y/N); type of pathology and medical imaging investigations performed; treatment or management plan provided (expectant, medical or surgical intervention)
  • ATS, Australasian Triage Scale; ED, emergency department; EDIS, emergency department information system; ICD, International Classification of Diseases; N, no; Y, yes.