Table 1

Mean monthly count (daytime GP-type attendance) 1 year before and 1 year after the opening of the GP walk-in centre

ServicesBefore the opening of GP walk-in centreAfter the opening of GP walk-in centreEffect size*p Value95% CI
Sheffield children ED
 Mean (SD)2150.33 (297.6)2263.25 (269.4)−322.1†0.19−814.5 to 170.4
Sheffield adult ED
 Mean (SD)2758.42 (189.9)2616.83 (159.3)−230.9‡0.03−438.9 to −21.9
Sheffield minor injuries unit
 Mean (SD)1032.42 (96.9)986.17 (122.8)−44.6§0.51−184.0 to 94.9
  • p Values obtained from a model allowing for seasonal variations and trend for the iinor injuries unit, adult emergency department (ED) and children's ED.

  • *Effect size were obtained from a linear model controlling for the effect of seasonal variation, and a linear time trend.

  • †R2=64%.

  • ‡R2=85%.

  • §R2=81%.