Table 3

Summary statistics and univariate analysis for categorical survey variables (responding trusts only)

FactorResponseCount (%)Mean DSRp Value
Guidelines in useYes97 (94.2)6280.80
No6 (5.8)606
Unit allowing decision making beyond the 4 h targetYes49 (48.0)6480.27
No53 (52.0)605
Specific chest pain unitYes17 (16.5)6400.68
No86 (83.5)619
Point of care troponin useYes17 (16.3)6590.45
No87 (83.7)619
Biochemical criteria used to rule out myocardial infarctionNICE guidance66 (63.5)6220.60
ESC guidance12 (11.5)586
Other26 (25.0)653
Use of formalised risk scoring systemYes58 (56.9)6270.95
No44 (43.1)630
Routine access to CT coronary angiographyYes7 (6.9)6480.80
No94 (93.1)628
Routine access to exercise stress testingYes26 (25.5)6280.99
No76 (74.5)628
All patients reviewed by a doctor with at least 3 years postregistration experienceYes53 (53.5)6460.37
No46 (46.5)609
Specialist chest pain nursesYes47 (46.1)6360.69
No55 (53.9)621
  • DSR, direct standardised rate; NICE, National Institute of Health and Care Excellence.