Table 3

Approaches for identifying nursing staff requirements

StudyCountryDesignNumber of EDsComparisonsOutcomesResultsPatients seenInternal validityExternal validity
Crouch and Williams22UKProspective Observational6N/ADependency scoreThe higher the amount of time spent by nurses in direct care of patients the higher the patient's level of dependency (R=0,72, p<0.001). Age was significantly associated with dependency—for a 10 year age difference the score increase by 0.51 (95% CI 0.43 to 0.59). There was a significant correlation between triage rating and Jones Dependency Tool scores (R=0.58, p<0.001). Highly significant correlation between the Jones Dependency Tool scores and the nurses’ subjective ratings of patient dependency (R=0.786, p<0.001).840+
Korn and Mansfield23USAProspective Observational1N/AN/AFactors influencing staff requirements were acuity-based norms (time for new admissions and nurse to staff ratios (from 1:2 for ICU to 1:10 for regular admissions) for those waiting for a bed. Results were model tabulations stating whether ED was ‘OK’ or ‘Overloaded’ based on patient numbers/acuity and model assumptions.N/A
  • ED, emergency department