Table 2

Pain score and length of stay

Mean (SD)NMean (SD)NDifference95% CIp Value
Primary outcome
Pain score at 60 min in mm38 (25)7935 (25)833.0−4.7 to 10.80.44
Secondary outcomes
Pain score at 30 min in mm44 (26)8045 (24)85−0.7−8.1 to 6.60.85
Length of stay in days13.5* (9.5 to 28.5)8410* (7 to 16)870.26†0.07 to 0.450.006
  • *Median (Q1, Q3), sample size.

  • †Length of stay data were positively skewed, therefore data were transformed using natural logarithms. The exponentials of the between-group difference and 95% CI represents the ratio of the geometric means.

  • FIB, fascia iliaca block.