Table 3

Analgesia consumption post-block in preoperative phase up to 24 h

Sample size*
FIB3 in 1
Median (10th–90th centiles)NMedian (10th–90th centiles)N
Intravenous paracetamol (mg)1000 (1000–4000)51000 (1000–1000)12
Oral paracetamol (mg)3000 (2000–4000)753000 (2000–4000)74
Oral codeine (mg)180 (32–240)31120 (60–240)35
Intravenous morphine (mg)5 (3–20)78 (5–36)6
Oral ibuprofen (mg)600 (400–800)2800 (NA)1
  • *Numbers in each group sum to greater than the number randomised due to some participants receiving more than one analgesic.

  • FIB, fascia iliaca block.