TableĀ 1

Baseline characteristics of 204 sexually assaulted patients presenting to the Ottawa Hospital SAPACP (entries are frequency and percentage, unless otherwise indicated)

CharacteristicControl (n=151)Mass gatherings (n=53)p Value
Age (mean, SD), years29.6 (10.7)24.9 (10.2)0.005
Sex: female147 (97.4%)52 (98.1%)0.75
Voluntarily consumed EtOH/drugs81 (59.1%)47 (90.4%)<0.0001
LOC during assault55 (39.0%)32 (62.8%)0.01
Suspected DFSA55 (39.0%)28 (57.1%)0.03
  • DFSA, drug-facilitated sexual assault; EtOH, alcohol; LOC, loss of consciousness; SAPACP, Sexual Assault and Partner Abuse Care Program.