Table 1

Respondents completing questionnaires at each time point

Survey time point (and corresponding F1/F2 placement)t1 (end of final F1 placement; 01/04/10–31/07/10t2 (end of 1st F2 placement: 01/08/10–30/11/10t3 (end of 2nd F2 placement (01/12/10–31/03/11t4 (end of final F2 placement; 01/04/11–31/07/11
Date intervals when survey completed30/07/10–26/10/1001/12/10–03/03/1120/03/11–13/06/1119/07/11–24/09/11
N (%) responding at each time point (total=217)188 (86.6%)154 (71.0%)135 (62.2%)108 (49.8%)
Number (%) of respondents in emergency department F2 Placement groups directly preceding each time point (N=217)N/A90 (41.5%)61 (28.1%)66 (30.4%)