Table 5

Type of receiving hospital*

TARN patients (n (%))46 891 (64.5)25 786 (35.5)12 253 (16.9)
No of hospitals in study2233210
REBOA patients (n (%))151 (38.0)246 (62.0)160 (40.3)
Mean REBOA patients/hospital in 2012–20130.77.716.0
Expected interval between REBOA patients/hospital (days)10789546
  • Trauma units compared with major trauma centres for TARN patients in 2012 and 2013 with an anatomical indication, no anatomical contraindications for REBOA (all zones) and shocked. *The Trauma Network came online in England in April 2012—included patients before this date were allocated to the MTC or TU group based on the official designation of that hospital in April 2012. To date, Wales does not have any MTC designated hospitals and therefore all patients seen in Welsh hospitals are included in the TU group.

  • MTC-10, the 10 MTCs with the highest prevalence of REBOA patients in this study; MTC, major trauma centre; REBOA, resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta; TARN, Trauma Audit and Research Network; TU, trauma unit.