TableĀ 3

Examples of the support that a research network, such as PERUKI, may provide

1Developing and refining the research question
2Developing and/or reviewing the study protocol
3Ensuring that study protocols are practicable and achievable for delivery, with due consideration of both the paediatric population and the ED environment
4Assisting with grant applications and providing endorsement for studies
5Delivering the research. This may be through the full PERUKI network of 43 member sites, or a subgroup of our EDs, selected according to the needs of the study, the target population and/or the research interests of the site leads
6Assisting with the writeup of papers
7Dissemination of the final results
8Ensuring that there is translation of high-quality evidence into practice change throughout the PERUKI sites and beyond
  • ED, emergency department; PERUKI, Paediatric Emergency Research in the UK and Ireland.