Table 2

Frequency of anatomical indications for REBOA in this cohort, with and without the presence of haemorrhagic shock

Zone 1 indication (n=236)Zone 3 indication (n=196)*
AIS ≥3 injury toLiver/kidney/ spleenMesenteric disruptionNamed vessel injuryPelvic fractureNamed vessel injuryAmputation at or near hip
Anatomical indications for REBOA15305811119321672
Anatomical indications for REBOA (no contraindications and not shocked)1503489117281312
REBOA group (n (%))218 (92.4)10 (4.2)16 (6.8)177 (90.3)29 (14.8)0
  • REBOA group, patients with an anatomical indication for REBOA, with no anatomical contraindications and with physiological evidence of hypovolaemic shock.

  • *Patients with both zone 1 and zone 3 anatomical indications (n=35) are included in both zones’ denominators.

  • AIS, Abbreviated Injury Scale score; REBOA, resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta.