Table 2

Coding table

Categories grouped by themeFrequency
Theme: habitual use of the AED
 Describes automatic/habitual behaviour7
 Difficulty answering questions (short phrases) regarding roles/functions of AED, unable to differentiate between the roles of AED and district clinics4
 Widely shared practice4
 Socially encouraged7
Theme: health system (private and public) encouraged or initiated use of AED
 Clinic schedule5
 Type of staff/doctor seeking3
 Belief that district clinic staff refers patient to AED2
 Dissatisfaction with the behaviour of clinic staff1
 Free service at AED2
Theme: deliberate use of AED
 Based on convenience6
 Based on patients' assessed seriousness of their complaint4
 Past positive AED experiences3
 Despite negative experiences and reports3
 Confidence in AED4
 No cost2
 Familiarity with AED1
 Seeking a doctor4
  • AED; accident and emergency department.