Table 1

Population characteristics of studies of heart-type fatty acid-binding protein

StudyStudy typePopulation: age (mean in years, unless stated); number (%) MaleInclusion criteriaExclusion criteria*Time from symptoms (hours)Number of patients
Body 201112Single-centre, UK59; 430 (61%) MaleSuspected cardiac chest pain within 24 hChest trauma, renal failure, hospital admission, pregnancy3.5 (Median)705
Cete 201013Single centre, Turkey57; 163 (73%) MaleAge >18 years with typical chest painAtypical chest pain, trauma, electrical cardioversion, musculoskeletal disease, renal failure, liver diseaseNot reported224
Charpentier 201014Single-centre, France57; 454 (67%) MaleChest pain due to suspected ACS within 12 hST elevation, traumatic cause, renal impairment2.9 (Median)677
Di Serio 200515Single centre, Italy79 (women), 65 (men); 23 (77%) MaleNot specifiedST elevation3.4 (Mean)30
Ecollan 200716Mobile units, France68; 68 (63%) MaleConsecutive emergencies with chest painCardiogenic shock, recent chest trauma2.3 (Median)108
Garcia-Valdecasas 201117Single-centre, France67; 114 (69%) MaleChest pain >20 min duration within 6 hChest traumaNot reported165
Haltern 201018Single-centre, Germany69; 27 (55%) MaleIschaemic-type chest painInterhospital transfer4 (Median)94
Hjortshoj 201019Single centre, UK61 (Median); 70 (65%) MaleChest pain and suspected of ACSNone reportedNot reported107
Ilva 200920Single-centre, Finland67; 181 (62%) MaleChest pain suggesting MIUncertain or >24 h delay from symptom onset4.7 (Median)293
Lefevre 200721Multi-centre, France61; 71 (71%) MaleNot specifiedNone reported5.9 (Median)75
Li 201022Multi-centre, China64; 163 (72%) MaleChest pain more than 30 min within 12 h suspected of AMINone reported4 (Median)227
Liao, 200923Single centre, China69; 54 (73%) MaleAcute chest pain and/or dyspnoea lasting >20 min within the last 3 hNone reported2.2 (Median)74
Mad 200724Single centre, Austria58; 213 (76%) MaleOnset of acute chest pain and/or dyspnoea lasting >20 min within the last 24 hNone reported3 (Median)280
McCann 200825Multi centre, Northern Ireland63; 281 (68%) MaleIschaemic type chest pain within 24 hInterhospital transfer5.3 (Median)415
Mion 200726Single centre, Italy63; 88 (67%) MalesNon-consecutive patients with chest painNone reported3.8 (Median)132
Naroo 200927Single centre, UAEAge not reported, 627 (79%) maleOnset of typical cardiac pain 20 min to 12 hST elevation MI, renal diseaseNot reported791
Valle 200728Multi-centre, Spain65; 287 (68%) MaleSuspected ACS with symptoms between 20 min and 180 min of presentationNone reported1.2 (Mean)419
  • * Except adult age group and administrative exclusions.

  • ACS, acute coronary syndrome; MI, myocardial infarction; AMI, acute myocardial infarction.