TableĀ 1

Results of amputation techniques

Gigli sawHacksawReciprocating sawHolmatro
Time (s)91882238+15
Number of cuts1322+
Risks to rescuer or survivorSharp knife, sharp
Gigli saw
Sharp knife, saw blade injurySignificant spray/splattering of blood and tissue
Aerosolation of tissue would require FFP3 mask
No feedback when cut complete so went through to inferior surface
Manual handling. Audible loud splintering sound
Practicalities of use in entrapmentElbow room for GigliNeed to support/traction leg. Difficult to angle hacksawSome angulation required. Difficult to see when cut completedWould be difficult to encircle leg if within vehicle
Quality of skin cut5554
Quality of soft tissue cut554.53
Quality of bone cut454.52.5