Table 3

Mean (SD) attendance rates of emergency care services per 1000 GP patient population in relation to the local availability of MIU and/or WiC services, England April 2012–March 2013

ED only N=411ED and WiC N=124ED and MIU N=5546ED, WiC, and MIU N=1381All practices N=7462
Self-referred discharged ED attendance118.9 (58.2)134.8 (47.6)90.0 (46.3)109.4 (45.2)95.9 (48.1)
Combined self-referred discharged ED and self-referred MIU and WiC attendance119.7 (58.2)177.2 (92.4)124.6 (61.3)180.7 (108.8)135.6 (76.3)
  • GP, general practitioner; MIU, minor injuries unit; WiC, walk-in centre.