Table 1

Epidemiology of all trauma patients with a pelvic binder applied pre-hospitally by EMRS

Pelvic fracture presentPelvic fracture not presentp value
Age, years (mean)43440.760
Gender (% male)46%72%0.010*
Median ISS17130.211
Suspicion of bleeding (%)39%21%0.051
7 day mortality (%)4%10%0.317
X-ray AND CT imaging of pelvis in hospital89%53%<0.001*
Mechanism of Injury
Low Fall (<10 ft)4%3% 
High Fall (>10 ft)14%15% 
RTC – vehicle occupant32%40% 
RTC – pedestrian29%12% 
RTC – motorcyclist7%19% 
RTC – cyclist4%8%