Table 6

Reasons for non-thrombolysis divided by onset-to-admission delay (≤180 min vs >180 min)

 ArrivalOR95% CI
≤180 min (n=659)>180 min (n=1360)
Patient characteristics
 Age (median quartiles)7361, 827360, 821.000.99 to 1.01
 Sex (male)39359.6%69951.4%1.24*1.03 to 1.50
 Admission NIHSS (median quartiles)4.52, 1152, 101.000.99 to 1.00
Stroke mechanism (TOAST)†
 Atherosclerosis with ≥50% (NASCET) stenosis8713.2%15811.6%1.080.82 to 1.43
 Likely atherosclerosis/aortic, without significant stenosis‡8913.5%20314.9%0.830.63 to 1.08
 Cardioembolism20330.8%35526.1%1.160.95 to 1.43
 Small vessel occlusion7511.4%23317.1%0.58*0.44 to 0.76
 Dissections243.6%493.6%0.950.58 to 1.56
 Other determined548.2%322.4%3.49*2.23 to 5.46
 Undetermined mechanism578.6%1218.9%0.910.65 to 1.26
 Multiple mechanisms395.9%564.1%1.380.90 to 2.10
 PFO as likely cause192.9%503.7%0.730.43 to 1.25
Reason: severity
 Too mild32349.0%56741.7%1.22*1.01 to 1.47
 Too severe121.8%120.9%1.970.88 to 4.40
 Rapid improvement to below threshold152.3%30.2%9.94*2.87 to 34.48
 Total35053.1%58242.8%1.37*1.13 to 1.66
Reason: age
 >80 years11217.0%16412.1%1.40*1.08 to 1.82
Reason: imaging
 Too large infarct30.5%272.0%0.21*0.06 to 0.70
 Too little penumbra60.9%60.4%1.960.63 to 6.09
 Too large infarct and too little penumbra30.5%30.2%1.950.39 to 9.70
 Subacute infarct on imaging121.8%50.4%4.74*1.66 to 13.52
 Other/intracranial haemorrhage101.5%131.0%1.510.66 to 3.45
 Total345.2%544.0%1.240.80 to 1.92
Reason: high bleeding risk
 INR elevated7110.8%967.1%1.49*1.08 to 2.06
 Thrombocytopenia20.3%40.3%0.970.18 to 5.33
 Recent intervention162.4%30.2%10.62*3.08 to 36.60
 Previous intracranial haemorrhage101.5%60.4%3.28*1.19 to 9.07
 Intracranial vascular malformation50.8%90.7%1.080.36 to 3.24
 Other152.3%90.7%3.30*1.44 to 7.58
 Full dose heparin or LMWH172.6%30.2%11.31*3.30 to 38.72
 Total13620.6%1309.6%2.31*1.78 to 3.00
Reason: other
 No good reason according to hospital recommendations456.8%100.7%9.34*4.68 to 18.66
 Recent stroke365.5%131.0%5.65*2.98 to 10.73
 Stroke uncertain263.9%292.1%1.78*1.04 to 3.04
 Epileptic seizure71.1%40.3%3.43*1.00 to 11.78
 Comorbidity/dependency385.8%433.2%1.77*1.13 to 2.76
 Total15223.1%997.3%3.97*1.69 to 9.32
  • Asterisk (*), significant on p<0.05 level. Definitions of reasons for non-thrombolysis see text/table 5.

  • †TOAST17 classification.

  • ‡Ipsilateral internal carotid stenosis <50%(NASCET)/risk factors for atherosclerotic disease, for details see PERFORM definition.18

  • INR, International Normalised Ratio; LMWH, low molecular weight heparin; NIHSS, National Institute of Health Stroke Scale score; PFO, patent foramen ovale; TOAST, Trial of Org 10172 in Acute Stroke Treatment.