Table 4

Baseline characteristics of non-thrombolysed and thrombolysed patients. Continuous variables are given as medians with IQR (lower and upper quartiles) and as n (%) for categorical variables

Non-thrombolysed patients (n=2019)Thrombolysed patients (n=599)
n or median% or quartilesn or median% or quartiles
Age (years)7361, 826958, 78
Sex (male)113156.0%34958.3%
Onset-to-door time (min)337125, 7749358, 135.5
Onset to admission ≤180 min65932.6%52387.3%
Admission NIHSS4.5 2, 10138, 19
Treated in first observation period (2003–2006)95947.5%17328.9%
Atrial fibrillation48824.2%15626.0%
Active smoking43421.5%13622.7%
Diabetes mellitus33216.4%9716.2%
Symptomatic coronary artery disease*29514.6%8514.2%
Symptomatic peripheral artery disease1065.3%233.8%
Low ejection fraction (<35%)844.2%345.7%
Cancer not in remission773.8%142.3%
Heart valves643.2%101.7%
  • *Documented by myocardial infarct diagnosis, coronarography or stress test.

  • NIHSS, National Institute of Health Stroke Scale score.