TableĀ 4

Type of actions taken to get alternative care prior to the Emergency department visit

FactorNo. of patients (%) who attempted alternative care access; n=842
Visited a physician (n=836)452 (54.1)
Family doctor198 (44.4)
Walk-in clinic doctor161 (36.1)
Specialist35 (7.8)
Other clinic doctor52 (11.7)
Other healthcare professional (n=830)176 (21.2)
Chiropractor11 (6.3)
Physiotherapist19 (10.8)
Nurse practitioner/midwife15 (8.5)
Acupuncturist3 (1.7)
Massage therapist6 (3.4)
CAM specialist5 (2.8)
Dentist3 (1.7)
Other99 (56.3)
Called a physician's office (n=833)394 (47.3)
Called AHS Health Link line (n=832)112 (13.5)
Visited AHS ED wait time website (n=825)66 (8.0)
Believed ED was the best option (n=806)737 (91.4)
  • AHS, Alberta Health Services; CAM, complimentary/alternative medicine.