Table 2

Qualitative themes for patients' self-reported feelings about being at the Emergency department

ED is not best option (n=87)
n (%)
Qualitative themeED is best option (n=934)
n (%)
18 (20.7)Safety (ie, perceived severity of health problem)309 (33.1)
9 (10.3)Effectiveness (ie, thoroughness of ED, referral to ED)284 (30.4)
26 (29.9)Patient-centred (ie, timeliness, ‘one-stop shop’ care, trust in ED)277 (29.7)
39 (44.8)Access (ie, access to MD/consultant/specialist, MD not available outside ED)204 (21.8)
2 (2.3)Efficiency (ie, cost-saving from the patient perspective)14 (1.5)
8 (9.2)Other33 (3.5)
  • Note: percentages do not total to 100%, due to multiple responses.

  • MD, medical doctor.