Table 2

Factors associated with the exposure to ECPR in multivariable logistic regression analysis

OR 95% CI p Value
Age (<60 vs 60+ years)0.070.01 to 0.850.037
Female gender (yes vs no)2.630.27 to 26.150.41
No-flow time (<1 vs 1+ min)0.070.01 to 1.220.068
Shockable heart rhythm (yes vs no)3.20.28 to 35.650.35
Witnessed CA (yes vs no)0.010 to 2.470.10
Basic life support performed (yes vs no)1.360.14 to 13.220.79
pH on admission (<6.92 vs 6.92+)0.730.31 to 1.700.47
Lactate on admission (<14.6 vs 14.6+ mmol/L)1.010.82 to 1.270.86
Public place CA (yes vs no)0.730.06 to 9.10.80
  • CA, cardiac arrest; ECPR, extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation; no-flow time, interval from cardiac arrest to CPR dichotomised at the median.