Table 1

Predictors in the Manchester Acute Coronary Syndromes (MACS) model

VariableMeasurement scale
A. High sensitivity cardiac troponin T (ng/L)Continuous
B. Heart-type fatty acid binding protein (ng/mL)Continuous
C. ECG ischaemiaDichotomous
D. Sweating observed by the treating clinicianDichotomous
E. Vomiting in association with the presenting symptomsDichotomous
F. Systolic BP <100 mm Hg on arrivalDichotomous
G. Worsening (or crescendo) anginaDichotomous
H. Pain radiating to the right arm or shoulderDichotomous
  • *The MACS model estimates the probability (p) of acute coronary syndromes as follows (rounded values are presented): p=1/(1+e−(0.068a+(0.17(b−0.28)/1.35)+1.75c+1.85d+1.72e+1.46f+0.92g+0.87h−4.83)).5 For dichotomous variables, a value of ‘1’ is entered for ‘yes’ and ‘0’ for ‘no’. The constants presented here assume use of the Roche Diagnostics Elecsys hs-cTnT assay and the Randox Laboratories immunoturbidimetric H-FABP assay.