Table 2

Effect of ED-based assessment and screening strategies for mental health presentations on practice delivery and costs

StudyInterventionComparisonSample sizeAge (years) (mean (SD))OutcomeMeasure of effectEffect (intervention vs comparison)
Cappelli et al 32 HEADS-EDNA31314.3 (2.63)Predictive accuracy for inpatient psychiatry admission*Area under the receiver operator characteristic curve0.817
Donofrio et al 27 Screening laboratory testNo screening laboratory testI: 871
C: 211
14.3 (2.8)Management or disposition changeRelative risk1.07 (95% CI 0.82 to 3.50)
Length of stayMedian difference117 min (95% CI 109.7 to 124.4)
et al 28
Medical clearance procedureNo medical clearance procedureI: 72
C: 717
14.1 (2.8)Length of stayAbsolute difference120 min
Cost of screening laboratory testsCost per patientUS$1573
Cost of identifying one patient who requires medical clearanceTotal costUS$17240
  • *Using a cut-off score of  >7 with the tool and suicidal risk score of 2.

  • CI, Confidence interval; HEADS-ED, home, education, activities and peers, drugs and alcohol, suicidality, emotions and behaviour, discharge resources; NA, not applicable.