Table 3

Success rate (%) of correct answers of the practical measurements (based on the scenarios) (n=582)

TopicActivityPre-test (% success rate)Post-test (% success rate)After 4 months (% success rate)
Call the ambulanceCorrect telephone number7998*88
Give the location7598*94*
Nature of the emergency7398*93*
Give the number of victims542*11
Give their own phone number399*22*
Basic life support (BLS)Correct assessment of responsiveness259*36*
Shout for help046*23*
Correct assessment of breathing152*38*
Call the ambulance671*53*
Correct hand position290*72*
Correct compression-ventilation rate (30:2)086*68*
Correct ventilation technique050*34*
Automated external defibrillator (AED)Correct electrode position3592*75*
Follow the instructions3498*70*
Deliver safety shock3692*76*
Unconscious patientCorrect assessment of consciousness355*43*
Correct assessment of breathing268*68*
Correct recovery position174*75*
Examination before recovery position057*40*
Call the ambulance982*60*
Manage bleedingLay the patient159*32*
Direct pressure to the wound374*46*
Raise the injured extremity066*36*
Call the ambulance1577*58*
  • *p<0.01 compared with the pre-test (χ2 test).