Table 4

Inhospital phase

Numerator Denominator 95% CI Numerator Denominator 95% CI
7344 481
Hospitals deliver consultant-led trauma teams on arrival for patients with an ISS>151016 (60.8)167158.5%63.1%56 (34.4)16327.1%41.7%
Hospitals deliver consultant-led trauma teams on arrival for triage positive patients1061 (87.3)121585.4%89.2%17 (77.3)2259.8%94.8%
Proportion of patients with GCS<9 with definitive airway management within 30 min of arrival in ED192 (78.4)24573.2%83.6%17 (60.7)2842.6%78.8%
Proportion of patients with GCS<13 who receive CT scan within 60 min of arrival483 (72.1)67068.7%75.5%18 (28.6)6317.4%39.8%
Proportion of patients meeting NICE head injury guidelines who receive CT scan within 60 min of arrival327 (83.8)39080.1%87.5%10 (27.8)3613.2%42.4%
Hospitals administer tranexamic acid within 3 hours of incident to patients who receive blood products within 6 hours of incident100 (88.5)11382.6%94.4%0 (0)00.0%0.0%
Hospitals deliver definitive cover of open fractures within BOAST 4 guidelines77 (33.6)22927.5%39.7%0 (0)00.0%0.0%
Patients transferred to MTC within 2 days of referral request1519 (94.6)160693.5%95.7%158 (96.3)16493.4%99.2%
Patients with ISS>15 transferred to paediatric MTC661 (89.2)74187.0%91.4%132 (91.7)14487.2%96.2%
Proportion of patients with an ISS of more than eight that have a rehabilitation prescription completed4708 (66.0)713064.9%67.1%322 (67.8)47563.6%72.0%
  • AI, accidental injury; BOAST, British Orthopaedic Association Standards for Traumas; ISS, Injury Severity Score; MTC, major trauma centre; NICE, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence; SCA, suspected child abuse.