Table 1

Description of the working hours and establishment of the service for each of the primary care models located within or next to the ED

Model Working hours Establishment of service
Primary Care Services Embedded within the ED (seven sites)Model operated Monday to Friday (all sites) and at weekends (four sites). Predominantly operated during working hours (08:00–18:00) with limited out-of-hours coverage. Services characterised by inconsistent staffing.Most sites had established this service after 2012 with only two sites operating this model before 2012.
Co-located Urgent Care Centre (two sites)One site operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The other site operated during the out-of-hours period, Monday to Friday, but this was dependent on staff availability.One site set-up in 2015; other site set-up for over 6 years.
GP out-of-hours (nine sites)In all sites that provided data on working hours (eight sites), the model operated during the out-of-hours period (18:00–08:00), Monday to Friday and at weekends.In all sites, the service had been set up before 2011.
  • GP, general practitioner.