Table 3

Correlations between the non-technical (ANTS) score and the transformed technical performance score.

OverallWithout additional stressorsWith additional stressors
r95% CIr95% CIr95% CI
Total ANTS score0.530.32 to 0.690.15−0.22 to 0.490.670.40 to 0.83
Task management0.520.31 to 0.680.27−0.10 to 0.580.630.35 to 0.81
Team working0.490.27 to 0.660.18−0.20 to 0.500.630.35 to 0.81
Situation awareness0.450.22 to 0.630.14−0.24 to 0.470.540.22 to 0.75
Decision-making0.25−0.01 to 0.47−0.17−0.50 to 0.210.430.09 to 0.69
  • Correlations are reported as Pearson correlation coefficients (r) for the total ANTS score as well as its domains, and under conditions with and without external stressors.

  • ANTS, Anaesthetists’ Non-Technical Skills.