Table 1

Comparison of existing triage tools5 12

MethodFirst assessmentSecond assessmentThird assessmentFourth assessment
START (USA)Walking?Breathing? Rate>29Palpable pulse?*Obeys commands?†
Careflight (Australia)Walking?Obeys commands?†Breathing?Palpable radial pulse?*
Triage Sieve (UK and International)Walking?Breathing? <10, Rate>30HR>120
Military Sieve (UK)Walking?Breathing? <10, rate>30HR>120Unconscious?†
Modified Physiological Triage ToolWalking?Breathing? <12, rate>22HR>100GCS<14
  • A patient is designated as Priority One if the patient is unable to walk and if any of the assessments conducted afterwards are positive.

  • *A systolic blood pressure measurement of 90 mm Hg was used as a surrogate measure to represent presence of a palpable pulse.

  • †A GCS<13 was used as a surrogate for unconsciousness or the inability to obey commands.