Table 2

Results from linear mixed models: impact of Physician Navigators on productivity indicators for all physicians who employed Physician Navigators, and by how often Physician Navigators were used by physician subgroups

OutcomeWithout PNWith PNMean differenceDifference 95% CIp Value†
All MDs who used PNs
Pt/hr4.495.561.070.98 to 1.16<0.001
TAT to discharge164.3153.7−10.6−13.2 to −8.0<0.001
Group 0*
Pt/hr4.614.740.13−0.006 to 0.250.054
TAT to discharge161.0152.4−8.6−12.1 to −5.1<0.001
Group 1
Pt/hr4.315.331.030.92 to 1.16<0.001
TAT to discharge160.3156.5−3.8−6.9 to −0.70.016
Group 2
Pt/hr4.455.601.151.00 to 1.30<0.001
TAT to discharge183.6161.1−22.5−27.3 to −17.7<0.001
  • *For group 0, values for ‘without PN’ and ‘with PN’ refers to the study periods before 1 April 2013 and after 1 April 2013, respectively.

  • †For subgroup analysis, level of statistical significance at p<0.017 after Bonferroni correction for multiple comparisons.

  • PN, Physician Navigator; Pt/hr, number of patients treated per hour; TAT, turn-around time.