Table 2

Distribution of rusts’ achievements of clinical standards, and levels and changes in weekend effect

Clinical standardNo of eligible specialties/clinical areasNo of specialties/clinical areas achieving the standard*
Time to first consultant review9.51.24104.93.0010
Access to diagnostics14.00.0141410.72.2314
Access to consultant directed interventions9.00.0998.11.409
Ongoing review12.41.08137.03.7013
  • Figures based on 123 Trusts.

  • *Figures on time to consultant review and ongoing review have been re-scaled for Trusts where the number of eligible specialties/clinical areas is less than the maximum values of 10 and 13, respectively. The re-scaling is the proportion of eligible areas at the Trust achieving the standard, multiplied by the maximum number of eligible areas.