Table 1

Comparison of findings from the 2011 and 2015 surveys

Difference in proportions
Response rate, %
Access to training on screening, %63.670.16.5
Access to training on brief advice, %
Identified alcohol champion, %57.659.21.6
Routinely ask about alcohol (adults), %47.763.615.9*
Use of a formal screening tool (adults), %51.761.49.7
Ask about alcohol (young people), %
Routinely ask about alcohol (young people), %8.911.62.7
Use of a formal screening tool (young people), %14.615.00.4
Measure blood alcohol as required, %55.761.55.8
Record alcohol-related attendance, %70.575.44.9
Inform patients' GP of alcohol-related attendance, %74.885.010.2*
Offer help/advice for alcohol problems, %100.097.7−2.3
Have access to AHW or CNS, %71.885.213.4*
  • *p<0.05.

  • AHW, alcohol health worker; CNS, clinical nurse sepcialist; GP, general practitioner.