Table 4

Effect of nurse experience on inter-rater reliability of the SATS

Study siteNurses agreeing to
participate (n)
Mean years of experienceNurses with <5 years of experienceNurses with ≥5 years of experience
KTC (Afghanistan)196.6110.53 (0.38–0.68)90.67 (0.54–0.79)
ASB (Afghanistan)8*7.150.46 (0.29–0.64)30.55 (0.35–0.74)
MT (Haiti)206.3110.53 (0.38–0.68)90.64 (0.50–0.78)
TB (Haiti)196.360.70 (0.57–0.83)130.57 (0.43–0.71)
  • *Information available on eight out of the nine nurses.

  • ASB, Ahmad Shah Baba; ICC, intraclass correlation coefficient; KTC, Kunduz Trauma Centre; MT, Martissant Emergency Centre; SATS, South African Triage Scale; TB, Tabarre Surgical and Trauma Centre.