Table 5

Examples of differences in style and language complexity between different prehospital prehospital emergency anaesthesia (PHEA) checklists used in the UK

Bullet point checks/closed questionsSentences containing multiple checks or as open questions
Equipment/drugs‘Bougie and KY’
‘20 mL syringe’
‘Monitor visible’
‘Surgical airway available’?
‘Two working IVs’?
‘Lifepak 12 from aircraft attached to patient and visible with continuous ECG, SaO2, NIBP (on automatic cycle repeating every 1 min) and CO2 ready’.
‘Intubation agent drawn up and labelled, dose selected’.
‘Suction develops vacuum, rigid and fine tubes. Under patients right shoulder’.
‘Is there any additional rescue airway equipment needed?’
‘Is there adequate vascular access?’
Patient positioning‘Patient position optimised?’‘360° access, on stretcher, good lighting, cover, check other hazards/nightfall’