Table 2

PHEA checklists in the UK; utilisation of standard and ‘crash’ induction checklists, total word counts and number of checks required, stratified for high-volume and low-volume services

Prehospital services (n=30)
High volumeLow volume*
SOP for PHEA10 (100%)11 (70%)
PHEA checklist use mandatory10 (100%)13 (65%)
PHEA checklist optional0 (0%)2 (10%)
PHEA checklist not used0 (0%)5 (25%)
Separate checklist for peri-arrest patients7 (70%)3 (15%)
Same PHEA used for all patients2 (20%)9 (45%)
No checklist used for peri-arrest patients1 (10%)3 (15%)
Median word count (standard checklist)172129
Median number of checks (standard checklist)4139
  • Data presented as number (%) or median as stated.

  • *Number of low-volume services identified=15 (data on checklist/SOP usage also included for those five services not providing number of PHEAs performed).

  • PHEA, prehospital emergency anaesthesia; SOP, standard operating procedure.