Table 4

Specific content analysis for the five ‘immediate-induction’ checklists analysed

Safety checkIs a check of this item included?
YesOther comments
Oxygen4 (80%)
Tracheal tube4 (80%)‘Cuff tested’ n=2
Specific size stated n=3
Intubating bougie5 (100%)
Suction4 (80%)Check to verify working n=1
Laryngoscope5 (100%)‘2 available’ n=1
Check to verify that bulb is working n=1
Syringe for cuff4 (80%)
Capnography5 (100%)Check to verify that capnography working n=0
Drugs4 (80%)Specific drug(s) dose stated n=1
Post-PHEA drugs mentioned n=1
  • PHEA, prehospital emergency anaesthesia.