Table 1

Prehospital emergency anaesthesia in the UK; incidence, proportion of annual case loads and proportion performed following traumatic injury

Prehospital service
High volumeLow volume
Number of services1015*
Annual case load (median)975 (564–1800)400 (76–2500)
PHEA per year (median)109 (65–400)16 (0–40)
PHEA rate (%)11.9 (5–32)3.2 (0–16)
Proportion of PHEA performed for trauma indications (%)80.6 (51–100)78.6 (63–100)†
  • Data presented as median (range) or % (range) as indicated.

  • *Data displayed for those services that supplied PHEA data only.

  • †Data displayed for 14 low-volume services.

  • PHEA, prehospital emergency anaesthesia.