Table 1

The History, ECG, Age, Risk Factors and Troponin (HEART) Score risk stratification tool for chest pain patients

HistoryNot suggestive0
Moderately suggestive1
Highly suggestive2
Non-specific repolarisation disturbance, left bundle branch block, paced rhythm, T-wave inversion with no ST changes1
Significant ST deviation=1. 0.05 mV in two or more contiguous leads or 2
ST depression of >1 mV
Age (years)<45 0
45–65 1
≥65 2
Risk factorsNo risk factors0
1–2 risk factors (hypertension, diabetes, obesity, smoker, hypercholesterolaemia, family history)1
3 risk factors or known atherosclerotic disease2
Troponin< normal limit0
1–2 times normal limit1
>3 times normal limit2